Our newest project
Stepped Reckoner

Extremely responsive basic calculator.

Stepped Reckoner is an extremely responsive calculator designed for iPhone and iPad. It presents long-lasting memory, calculator history, colored themes and it is fully customizable.

Key Features:
  • Incredibly fast and responsive calculation
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Operating range between -999,999,999,999 and +999,999,999,999
  • Precision of six decimal digits
  • Designed for iPhone and iPad
  • Free and no ads
Our bestseller
Japanese Era Converter (JEras)

Japanese Era Converter (JEras) is a handy tool to convert Gregorian calendar years into Japanese calendar years and vice versa.

On January 1, 1873, Japan adopted the Gregorian calendar, the internationally accepted civil calendar. Nevertheless, the traditional era calendar scheme is commonly used in Japan. The Japanese calendar identifies a year by the combination of the Japanese era name (nengō) and an identification number in ascending order. Japanese Era Converter (JEras) converts Gregorian calendar years into Japanese calendar years and vice versa. Moreover, it presents some special features, like displaying chronological age or Chinese calendar animal signs.

Key Features:
  • Fast conversion from the Gregorian calendar to the Japanese calendar and vice versa, as of 1868 (Keiō 4 / Meiji 1)
  • Chronological age calculator
  • Chinese calendar animal signs
Old & Discontinued
Crabby Phone
"There is no limit to what your device can say".

Crabby Phone is a very addictive app that turns your device into a funny grumbler, always ready to growls at you and at your friends, complaining about life and work.

Key Features:
  • Embedded and custom grumbles
    You can choose wheater to use embedded grumbles or to customize them, adding as many entries as your device's physical memory can handle. Entering new grumbles is as easy as typing them on the keyboard. Make your device say wathever you want.
  • Natural and fluent voices
    Crabby Phone uses your device's voices, choosing among them the one that better fits your language (according to iOS settings). Even if no embeded grumbles are presented in your language, you can easily add custom ones and hear them pronounced in a natural and fluent voice.
  • Grumble while moving
    Enable this feature in your settings to make Crabby Phone complain when moved. Crabby Phone implements a sensitive and sophisticated algorithm (not like "shake" feature) that let it know when moved. Put your device in your car, pocket or bag, and Crabby Phone growls at you while moving.
In Vino Veritas (VINUM)
In Vino Veritas is an application dedicated to Italian wine and food lovers and to anybody that is interested in wine and food matching and Italian unique aperitif culture.

"In vino veritas" (lit. "truth in wine") is a Latin proverb that claims a person always tells the truth, under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, drinking together is the best way to get to know someone's true nature, and eventually to become friends: drinking as a social attitude.

A journey through Italy that will change your life!

・ Available in Japanese only ・

Key Features:
  • Rich text (HTML) contents
  • Original photos
  • News about Italian wine and food
  • Glossary of wine terms (available offline)
  • Fully compatible with retina display
Jot It Down! | Jot It Down! FREE
Jot It Down! makes your device a handy jotter ready for use.

Perfect to take notes, to jot ideas down and to comment on photos, Jot It Down! lets you share your work, exporting it into your device, sending it by e-mail, sharing it on the most important social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.
A handy and intelligent tool, essential for your free time as much as for your work.

Key Features:
  • A full virtual jotter
    Jot It Down! works like a full virtual notepad and scratch pad. Flick through your notes and sketches, turning pages like on a real jotter, choose your felt-tip, the color and texture of your sheet (plain, squared, horizontally or vertically ruled).
  • Handy tools ready for use
    Choose the color (from black, blue, red, green and white) and the thickness of your felt-tip, write, draw and erase in just one stroke.
  • Fluent and natural writing
    Jot It Down! implements a powerful and sophisticated writing system, expressly developed for the best natural stroke, just as you write with a felt-tip.
  • Well-organized and capacious files
    Your notes and sketches are automatically saved as you turn the page. Files are organized by date and time, in order that everything is in place and you are able to get and to erase your notes in just one stroke. There is no limit to the number of storeable notes, only your device's physical memory.
  • System open to the world
    You can change the orientation of the output images, add comments, change background and share your work in just one stroke, exporting it into your device, sending it by e-mail, sharing it on the most important social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.
  • One application for all your devices
    Jot It Down! is ready to be installed on your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. You pay once and use it on all your devices, taking advandage of their distinctive feature.
  • Fully compatible with retina display
    Jot It Down! takes advantage of the distinctive feature of the device on which it is installed, changing its graphics according to display size and resolution. Output images are re-sized as well, in order that you make full use of your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, with or without retina display.
Emergency Call Box
Your final application in case of emergency (I.C.E.) to call up to 4 emergency numbers instantly!!

Set up your desired numbers and you are ready to go: this app works within the borders of your country as well as from abroad.
Sometimes numbers to dial are different if you call from within your country or from abroad (for example in the Japanese dialling system). This app lets you set up both situations and dials the right number automatically.

Key Features:
  • Fully customizable to fit your style
  • Add contacts from your address book or manually
  • Get your current position (coordinates)
  • Send e-mail to your contacts
  • Localized in English, Japanese, Italian
  • Fully compatible with iOS 5.0 and above
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