Music by Kevin MacLeod
Music by Kevin MacLeod
noWay:apps is a small team of independent developers, designers and computer lovers, born in 2010 and mainly focused on mobile applications, utilities and games.

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Our newest project
Stepped Reckoner
Extremely responsive basic calculator.

Stepped Reckoner is an extremely responsive calculator designed for iPhone and iPad. It presents long-lasting memory, calculator history, colored themes and it is fully customizable.

Key Features:
  • Incredibly fast and responsive calculation
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Operating range between -999,999,999,999 and +999,999,999,999
  • Precision of six decimal digits
  • Designed for iPhone and iPad
  • Free and no ads
Our bestseller
Japanese Era Converter (JEras)
Japanese Era Converter (JEras) is a handy tool to convert Gregorian calendar years into Japanese calendar years and vice versa.

On January 1, 1873, Japan adopted the Gregorian calendar, the internationally accepted civil calendar. Nevertheless, the traditional era calendar scheme is commonly used in Japan. The Japanese calendar identifies a year by the combination of the Japanese era name (nengō) and an identification number in ascending order. Japanese Era Converter (JEras) converts Gregorian calendar years into Japanese calendar years and vice versa. Moreover, it presents some special features, like displaying chronological age or Chinese calendar animal signs.

Key Features:
  • Fast conversion from the Gregorian calendar to the Japanese calendar and vice versa, as of 1868 (Keiō 4 / Meiji 1)
  • Chronological age calculator
  • Chinese calendar animal signs
Under development
World of Zoe
Once upon a time there was a child living in the Italian Alps...
This is the story of that child and of the world through her window.

World of Zoe is a poetic and fairy-tale experience, a secret garden where adults can feel like they are kids again, where everybody can run barefoot on the grass and grab snowflakes dancing in the wind.

A new game concept and an innovative gameplay that raises the user's awareness of the environment and of the risk of global pollution.

Soon available on iPhone and iPad!!
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